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Welcome to Iron & Salt

Iron & Salt is located in the heart of Salt Lake City. A fusion studio-the first of its kind. With a beautiful urban gym on one side and a warm, welcoming kitchen on the other, you’ll feel right at home. The studio space is a private facility designed for one-to-one mentoring and training. It’s been created for growth, and as such, you’ll discover that it is both a safe harbor and a place to test your limits. Iron & Salt is designed to give you what you need for total fitness-including mind, body, and nutrition. Everything is under one roof, designed especially for you!


It is a basic human right to thrive! The journey begins with your dream. Our goal here at Iron and Salt it to help you identify that dream and then taylor your program to support it and your lifestyle. We offer the formula, tools and support to bring your dreams into reality. We believe in you!

Meet the crew

Nicole Devaney - Nicole Devaney -

Say Hello to Nicole DeVaney. Besides Being Co-owner of Iron and Salt, Nicole is a well known public speaker, writer, mother and world renowned Chef. Ok, maybe not world renowned but she can make good food taste great in little time! She loves sharing her gifts of health, kitchen skills and trinkets of personal insight and wisdom. If fact one of her favorite things is to witness the spark in the eye of a person who has just experienced that Ah-ha moment! Her work empowers people to live more meaningful lives. Nicole is a certified level 3 CHEK Practitioner and a Level 3 Holistic Health Coach accredited by the CHEK Institute. What does this mean? It means she teaches maverick, leading edge and clinically tested health concepts in a way that is easy for the average person to digest and assimilate. You can read more about her personal healing story at

In 2016 Nicole became an instructor for the CHEK institute and she now travels nationally totrain the next generation of up and coming practitioners. Playing in the field of Holistic Health for over 10+ years she has helped many. From individuals dealing with hormonal imbalances, weight loss issues, digestion problems and work/play related injuries to more recently training the University of Utah’s Girls Lacrosse Regional Champions. She is forever a student of life and humbled by the opportunity to grow and heal with all the people she has the opportunity to work with.

Anthony Baron Kirk - Anthony Baron Kirk -

Anthony Baron Kirk is a CHEK Practitioner, Movement Expert, Natural Healing Coach, Health & Personal Defense Systems Strategist. A true renaissance man with an ability to work with all ages and ranges of health and fitness needs. With over 15 years experience, Anthony builds simple, effective and proven programs. Teaching long term health strategies, healing protocols and challenging movement programs, Anthony will keep it fun and engaging. Fitness at the next and most relevant level. Teaching self-healthcare through principles that once understood and drilled, create health sovereignty. In a world of confusing fitness claims, health crazes and fad diets, nothing is more important than taking ownership of your health autonomy. Through unlocking a client’s deepest physical, mental and emotional patterns, Anthony utilizes these patterns as pathways to vibrant health and vitality. Take the step and learn how to take possession of your wild and active self.

Bessie McIntosh - Bessie McIntosh -

Bessie McIntosh is an activator, a connector, a mother, a healer, an entrepreneur and an Earth worshiping goddess. Bessie was called to this work after she had experienced profound healing during her first session with a RH Practitioner. She initially felt her DNA activate throughout her body with noticeable physical, mental and emotional shifting. She decided to realign and plug back into a fully functioning energetic body by receiving The Reconnection™. She experienced all aspects of her life beginning to accelerate, while her manifestations fell into place easier than before. She then studied under Dr. Pearl, completing Levels I and II of The Reconnection Training Program™ to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Bessie is also a co-owner and the Vice President of Aseda™; a triple bottom line company based in Salt Lake City, Utah and Ghana, Africa. Aseda™ supports 37 villages and is growing a healthy bee population by creating products based around the goodness of TrueRaw™ foods. Bessie is passionate about relationships, health, sustainability practices, human rights, beehives and transforming lives. Living by the principle of Gandhi’s teaching, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” she walks the talk, yet has learned how to trip gracefully when her steps do not fully connect with the ground. You may find her exploring the wilderness with her soul mate and young ones, both the human and canine variety; dancing while cooking; researching her newest interest; learning to settle into her body through movement; engaging in curious conversation; seeking truth; and placing the pieces of the puzzle together, to gratefully share with all.

Cree Cox - Cree Cox -

Cree is an intuitive and gifted practitioner. She has been providing services in the healing arts for six years. Not only is it her passion, but she feels that it is her life calling. She is down to earth, present, practical and honest, with a passion and a zest to live life to the fullest as her most authentic self. She lives a healthy organic life style, loves eating delicious food grown in her garden, spending time outdoors, traveling and having deep and meaningful connections. She’s all about following her bliss, living out her divine life purpose and showing up in self-less service. She is passionate about helping people feel good in their bodies, increase their quality of life, reduce pain, increase confidence, feel empowered and to experience the fullness and beauty that life has to offer. She is here to help you de-stress and decompress from day to day life.

Services offered include: Customized Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Soul Soothing Energy Work, Guided Visualizations.