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Bagua Map

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Bagua Map


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Have you ever heard of a Bagua map? 

The bagua map (BAH-gwa) is a very basic tool used in feng shui to learn which parts of a space–such as a home, office building, room or yard–correlate with particular areas of life.


Once we know which area of a space corresponds to which life aspiration, we can enhance our environment in such a way that our environment helps us achieve our goals (for example, using color psychology to make a room more conducive to relaxation).


If you plan on doing a little spring cleaning take a look at the bagua map (you can find many examples on google) and do a little life comparison…ask yourself where in my life do I want to “clean house”? Perhaps you are having relationship difficulties. What is happening in the relationship zone of your house?


Often we can create great change in our lives by working from the outside in.


You do not need to rearrange your whole home, just put a little attention and intention to the areas that could use some work. Sometimes cleaning a closet is easier then coming out of the closet:)


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