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Blender Quiche

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Blender Quiche


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A quality breakfast made in little time!
I came up with blender quiche a few years ago when I had a lot of veggies in my fridge, some eggs and no time to get my hair done for the day!
Add 6+ eggs to your blender.
1/2 stick of butter (organic pasture raised) or coconut oil
Any Veggies you like in Quiche or that need to be used!
Blend all ingredients together, poor into a pie pan and bake at 350º for half hour or until center is solid. You can get your hair done while breakfast cooks itself!
When it cooks the different veggies separate leaving a rainbow color effect with each piece cut from the pan.
You can add cheese to the top, or cut up some breakfast sausage and through it into the mix for some added protein.
Garnishing with fresh herbs is a nice touch too but not necessary. Salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.
Blender Quiche is great to save and heat up for breakfast another day!


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