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Cleansing Guide

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Cleansing Guide


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ake time to renew your Body
     I recently gave a talk at Real Foods market on cleansing. A friend of mine who attended the class mentioned that it seemed like I was trying to talk people out of cleansing, for the most part he was right. I have had lots of experience with many cleanses and for years my cleansing was a ritual of repenting for all my toxic bad habits. The issue was once the cleanse was over I usually went right back to my toxic ways of living. I feel now that I was doing more harm then good with the notion that I could eat, drink and be merry as long as I stopped every few months to partake in a lemon maple syrup drink for 10+ days and go without food. Now I eat, drink and be mindful (about 90% of the time).
     Cleansing a toxic body is super stressful on all its systems and most of us are already under enough stress! The body has great wisdom and given the right food, drink, rest and exercise it will naturally clean itself.
     Most of the people I work with are nutrient, time and energy deficient. This is common due to our fast pace way of living. My goal is to get their habits balanced first before I address a cleansing program. For some, these changes can take up to a year. It is important to slowly incorporate new ways of living. If you try to change all your bad habits overnight you will likely be right back to where you started before to long. With that being said I feel I have come full circle with my cleansing regiment, going way beyond Maple syrup lemonade. I have learned how to target and cleanse each individual organ and in the correct order. I have identified heavy metal, fungus, candida and parasite issues with many clients. This is because I have personally journeyed with each of these cleanses and had life changing results!
     I recently decided to cleanse my digestive track and give it a break from all the heavy protein my body requires during the cold months of winter. I believe that if you are going to go without food that you should also have time to rest and journey inward. Because my schedule is busy (like most people) I created a cleanse that would give my digestive system a break from meats and allow for lots of fresh veggies to keep up my energy. This cleanse provided protein in liquid forms like bone broth, amino acids and collagen to prevent muscle break down and keep me grounded so I could still work with clients.
     Cleansing is more then a body reset and it often involves removing toxic emotions and traumatic experiences that can lodge themselves into our physical body. It is important to understand this when you embark on any kind of cleansing journey. I often experience a surge of emotions with no event to identify reason for those feelings. Usually those emotions were set aside during a time of our lives when we did not have the ability, time or energy to process them. When you cleanse you are turning inward and creating space and time for these emotions to be experienced and set free. Allow them to run through your being and not identify the source. In other words feel angry or sad, really feel it! Don’t zero your anger or sadness on a person or event. Just allow the feeling to be felt so that it can leave your body.
There are so many cleanses and it can get a little confusing as to which one is right for you…
     I am including my personal cleanse regiment for you to enjoy. Feel free to make adjustments based on your own preferences. The most important part of the cleanse is not following and exact recipe but creating an intention to honor and support your body.


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