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Lor A Lee – Salt Lake City

“Nicole has helped me shift my diet. With her guidance I have implemented more proteins and help understand why I need those proteins. She feeds me in more ways than one. Iron and Salt baby! All the way.”

Shaily – Salt Lake City


“I have been able to improve not only my life but the life of everyone in my family. I’ve been able to change our diets so that we eat organically. Now I know that nothing is impossible. I’ve been able to have a baby and live the life that I want to live every day pain free.”

Adam – Salt Lake City


“The results I’ve had since working at Iron and Salt have been amazing. I’m way more comfortable sitting at my desk all day and have way more ease of movement in general.”

University of Utah Lacrosse Team 2015 Regional Champions 2nd Place National Champions



“Iron & Salt is a really great environment. I felt relaxed and comfortable, but still pushed and motivated to work my hardest. I felt like it was a place where I could listen to my body and be open. TWO THUMBS UP!”


“Nicole put me more in tune with my body. She helped me understand specific muscle isolation & gave me the knowledge on how to specifically strengthen each muscle. In all my weight lifting experiences, I have never received so much one-on-one attention. Nicole sincerely cared about my form & well being and for that I am grateful.”


“Working with Nicole has been a great experience for my teammates and I. Having someone who was interested in our overall health & personal needs was awesome, and working in small groups has given us lots of one-on-one time & great attention to form & detail. THANKS!!”


“Nicole has been an integral part in optimizing our team’s abilities to be successful on the field with & without injuries. The individualized exercises to accommodate injuries and each person’s body type.”