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THE 80/20 RULE

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THE 80/20 RULE


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aa26b5fb-5535-46aa-a26f-b8b7b3f2a196EASING TENSIONS REGARDING CHANGE

It find it interesting the tension that is created when people come meet with me to talk about bettering their health. It can be unnerving to think about giving up certain pleasures of life like bread, sugar, coffee or wine. If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be eating the way I do today I would have told you you’re crazy!
     The way I ease peoples tensions and my own is to remember the 80/20 rule. This is a CHEK philosophy that I live by. Eighty percent of the time we support and nourish our bodies for that twenty percent of the time we can enjoy all the fruits of the earth. You see it is not about going without its about being able to fully enjoy all that there is in this life.
When I worked with Paul Chek learning holistic health principles he told us that if we went after peoples addictions or their “loves” in life we became parents not coaches. You quickly end up with a bunch of rebellious clients when you tell them to quit. Instead I teach how to drink coffee or wine in the healthiest ways. Yes, you can make changes in your rituals that will lesson the detrimental effects of certain substances. This has been such a help on my own path to health. I don’t mentally beat myself up so much anymore when I take time away from my stringent health practices. I also remember to do all things with consciousness, blessing each action of my day. I once wrote a sad face next to a candy entry in my food journal. My CHEK coach that I was working with at the time asked “why”. I said it was a bad food that I should not have eaten. He told me that the feeling of bad I bestowed onto the food could be worse for me then the food itself. This was an important lesson and part of the 80/20 philosophy. 

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