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The Pain Teacher

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The Pain Teacher


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9fa930b0-4167-4cbf-9ae5-2f78af670cf4The Pain Teacher
Let it guide you to greatness!
We live in a society of right and wrongs. In fact we love to label all sorts of things bad or good, dark and light even heaven and hell. The truth of this matter, I feel, can be found in the eastern view of the world, Yin and Yang. You see one can’t exist without the other they are two parts of a whole. In order to have night we must have day, if it gets hot eventually it will get cold and last how can we know pleasure without pain.
Most people today are pleasure seekers and will avoid pain at all cost. If you don’t believe me take a walk through your local pharmacy. We have pills for belly aches, ear issues, back, neck, and shoulder braces. We have remedies for most ailments. When did we become so allopathic? There is a pill, herb or diet for every issue these days. Snake oil sales man have come a long way!!

6ef759d2-82f3-4d0b-8837-af342527820bThe basis for holistic medicine is to see the body, life and thoughts as a unit. Each and every thing we do effects us. The way we breath, think, eat, sleep, move (or don’t move) and live will eventually make you feel its effects good or bad. There goes the labeling again:) When pain arises it is an opportunity to listen to your body. What is your stomach ache telling you? If you take the time to connect with it and listen I promise it is not asking for antacid. It is a call to wake up and look at something. It is the voice of your pain teacher.


Many of us are pleasure seekers. We have been taught to avoid hurtful feelings and body pains many of us even try to turn our heads even when faced with disease or failing relationships. “If I just think positive thoughts all this will go away” kind of secret that works for some people but not all, and not all the time! ¬†What would happen if we as a society stopped suffocating the pain message by masking the symptoms with more medication, drugs or time consuming objects like Facebook? I could only imagine the beauty of humanity being herded like little sheep, with the pain teaching being the shepherd dog, to pursue their lives purpose. Everyone just might live in harmony with their souls destiny when opening themselves up to the messages of the pain teacher.

b5f7166b-9b70-4c1d-8b81-fa6b87ed05f1Many years ago I broke my spine. I could not walk and the doctors had no answer that I could afford. It was a time when I was not afraid to get on my knees and ask for help. Not being able to walk might do this to anyone. Was I talking to god, the universe or my pain teacher? I think the answer to that questions is different for everyone. What happened was nothing short of a miracle to me. I was lead (by a intuitive strong dream) to a teacher (CHEK practitioner) that taught me why and how I broke my spine and even more important, how to fix it. This is just one BIG example of many that the pain teacher has influenced my life. Natural childbirth was another example for me. It was a time when pain taught me about my great strength as a woman and my lineage of a feminine power that has been forgotten!


The way I see it at one point in life we have a choice in how we get to experience our pain. Eventually balance between pain and pleasure will take place, it is inevitable. Life is always seeking balance. Think of life like a set of scales. If you keep pursuing pleasure, only doing the things that bring you comfort eventually a pain teacher such a disease or divorce will need to bring you into balance. Next time you are in a moment of discomfort don’t just reach for your ibuprofen. Turn to your pain, ask it why it is there and what is it telling you, then listen. Perhaps your headache is due to a lack of water then an ibuprofen deficiency.
4371f317-f0e6-4790-b9a6-5e7eeb87cb13You can even begin to take this knowledge to the next level by choosing to experience little sufferings that will lead to greater joy in the long haul. Cleansing is one way that you bring about a little pain, lifting weights, going without electronics or even taking sometime to disconnect from people all together. Initially all of these things might seem like a pain but by allowing small doses of controlled discomfort we are creating self imposed contractions of the pain teacher to birth the next level of ourselves into the world!


Most people suffer not due to lack of will or inability to commit to certain conditions like cleansing or natural childbirth. Most people who experience the pain teacher are doing so because of ignorance. Ignorance in this case being ignoring the facts of why the pain is there. There is a lot of pain due to lack of understanding and knowledge. I see so many people struggling with weight, eating less and less of the wrong foods and going undernourished, starving in large bodies. My heart goes at to them. So many obese humans misunderstood being told to not eat so much when in fact their bodies are starving for nutrients! ¬†Sometimes in the face of our struggles it is important to know your not alone. Without a teacher to guide me I might have ended up in a wheel chair. Don’t be afraid to turn it all over, say a prayer for guidance and help. I promise that your pain and suffering do not happen for no reason at all. Let your struggles, pain and heartache guide you, surrender and let your self move into the greater version of yourself. I promise there is a message with your pain. Listen:)

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